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What makes EMC different?  Endurance Multisport Coaching provides a local age-group triathlon team and women’s running program like no other, in the SW Denver area.  Virtual coaching and telephone consultation options are also offered to non-local athletes.

When Susan started doing triathlons in 1994, she coached herself to become an Age Group (AG) World Champion in 1997.  After that, she was accepted into the Resident Triathlon Team program in Colorado Springs and started racing professionally with her sights set on the 2000 Olympics in Sydney Australia.  She also started writing training plans for her friends to help them get faster in the sport.  With a slight change in plans, Susan had her daughter (Sydney) in 2001 then set her sights on the 2004 Olympics in Athens.  After earning Bronze in the 2004 Olympic Triathlon, Susan started her own coaching business as well as becoming a Masters Swim Coach for Highlands Ranch.  From the beginning, she found that being able to watch her athletes train was the best way to help them with form and challenge them consistently.  So she started offering weekly workouts for her athletes to attend and developed a true passion for organized workouts.

In 2009, to expand on the idea of group workouts, Susan started the Team Endurance triathlon team with 5 members.  In 2010, the number doubled to 10 members and over the years has grown to almost 50 team members.  Now with 4 highly qualified coaches and weekly swim, bike, run and strength group workouts, Endurance Multisport Coaching (Team EMC) has become a very unique triathlon team where athletes train together, challenge each other, and get faster together.  The groups are small enough where each athlete at the workout can get individualized attention, yet there are always companions to bring out the best in the athletes at each workout.

Personal Coaching:
Endurance Multisport Coaching provides endurance athletes of all ages and abilities the opportunity to have a high performance coach as part of their performance team.  We provide comprehensive training in swimming, biking, running and strength programs that are customized to meet individual athlete needs.

We leave no stone unturned when it comes to improving the performance of athletes.  We are extremely well-versed in periodization planning, strength training, mental preparation and race tactics.

Athletes enjoy our personal approach to coaching as we care about the person as well as the athlete.  We don’t believe in partitioning the amount of communication we have with our athletes as it is so important to have constant two-way communication to help the athlete not only understand how to do each workout but WHY they are doing each workout.  We strive to make athlete's experiences the highest quality possible by not offering programs or packages-just personal coaching the way coaching was meant to be!

See the Coaches page for more information on EMC Coaches and for contact information.

Team EMC has developed a local team that consists of weekly practices and special team events throughout the year.  Our goal is to provide professionally coached workouts in a group setting that will benefit all individuals.

Interested in joining or have questions? contact Coach Susan